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Two female students sitting at a desk and talking about a math instrument while taking notes.

Propelling students into STEM

There is no place more exciting than right here. Where else can learners explore the world of technology, create animated movies and work side by side with established women in their community?

The Summit is an immersive experience for any 5th – 12th grade female students interested in science, technology, engineering, math, or all of the above. This opportunity offers a fun and challenging way for students to explore their interests alongside peers, gain practical experience and get inspired for the future.

Submit your registration and prepare for the State Farm® Tech Astra Summit.

Atlanta, GA

Registration closed early for 2023 due to high demand.

Bloomington, IL

Registration closed early for 2023 due to high demand.

Dallas, TX

Registration closed early for 2023 due to high demand.

Phoenix, AZ

10/21/2023 at 9:00 AM MST

Registration available through 9/30/2023

Two teenage girls smiling for the camera, one with her hands on her hips and the other with arms crossed in front of her.

Such a cool experience.

In the small groups, I made lots of friends with people that are just like me. I can’t wait for next year!

Interactive Labs

Tech Labs

  • Engineering Design Challenges

    Students will use engineering and physics to learn more about kinetic energy, gravitational energy, launch angles and trajectory. This lab features two engineering challenges for students to explore.

  • Train Your Model Using Machine Learning and AI

    Discover the inner workings of Machine Learning. Using just a laptop camera or microphone, students will learn how to train their very own Artificial Intelligence model.

Human Skills — Thrive Guides

  • Picture Perfect

    Students will "blindly" try to draw an abstract picture matching an answer key. Teams will need to rely on each other to recreate the picture, as each round there will be different rules for who is allowed to see the answer key.

  • No Hands Cup Stacking

    Students will be able to use their communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills to compete to build the tallest pyramid. Different materials will be provided to help them assemble the pyramid.

  • Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

    Students will explore teamwork, compromise and negotiation as they navigate a world infested with zombies. In the end, teams will find out if they survived.

High School and Jr. High will do the same labs but skilled up/down based on age.

2022 highlights

Last year’s Tech Astra Summit included hands-on, STEM-related labs, as well as self-improvement activities where students worked alongside their peers in a fun and collaborative environment.

Check out the video and experience a bit of last year’s Summit.